4 Reasons Why Composite Decking Is the Ideal Choice for Your Caravan or Caravan Park

Composite decking is a great alternative to traditional timber decking for caravans and mobile homes for several reasons. Here are four major reasons why Leeco composite decking is ideal for these types of structures:

#1 – Composite Caravan Decking Is Weather Resistant
Composite decking is an ideal choice for caravan decking. Timber, whilst cheap, requires constant maintenance to prevent algae build-up, rot, erosion, splintering and cracking. UPVC plastic decking resists the elements but is typically cheaply made meaning it can bow under strain. It is also notoriously slippery when wet and so can become extremely dangerous. Leeco composite decking is designed with both a grooved and an embossed woodgrain effect providing extra grip, even when wet.

#2 – Decking For Caravans Attracts More Business
Having composite mobile home decking is more than just practical. Irish weather is typically unpredictable so whilst sunshine is not guaranteed during the summer season, sunny spells are likely throughout. A composite deck enables guests to make the most of the sun by having a seating area which drains easily. Having this as an added feature for static caravan makes your van more appealing than one without and enables guests to view holidaying as a lifestyle choice.

#4 – Caravan Decking Adds Value
It may be that you will wish to sell on your static home in the future. Investment in quality wraparound composite caravan decking which will stand the test of time will increase the value of your caravan and will make it easier to sell when the time arises.

#5 – Composite Static Caravan Decking Is Zero Maintenance
We’ve already touched on this, but the benefits are clear to see. If you don’t have to spend your free weekends traipsing back and forth to the coast to strip, sand or stain your caravan decking, you can spend that time, lounging around on it. You can enjoy your caravan decking for what it was made for, giving you the space and time to relax and unwind. Leeco composite caravan decking is available in variety of different ranges, depending on your budget, and has six different colours options.