Composite Decking Installation

Installing Aluminium/WPC Joist System

Model Span A Span B
SB03 350mm 700mm

Refer to the spacing table to lay two layers of joist.

* Fix the upper joists to the lower ones by using screws

2. Fix the side clips onto the joists first.

Push the deck board tight to the side clips. Suggested length for actual application is not longer than 2.75 meters per piece.

3. Put the special clip with a side hole into the middle of the decking side groove.

Make sure the toothed side into the decking groove. Screw through the side hole and fi x the clip to decking board.

4. Put the normal clips for the rest. Make sure the toothed side to the groove.

Slide another board to the clips to the right position. Fix the decking through the top holes of the clips.

5. Repeat the steps above for the decking installation.

Make sure the gap between cross sections of decking boards no less than 3mm. Make sure 10mm gaps to the walls for the expansion or contact.

6. Pre-drill a hole like the image shown below and then screw the decking board to the joist.

Fix the fascias. Job finished.

Railing Istallation Guide