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Suprotect - Antique Grey

  • Brand: LEECO
  • Product Code: 23-1401-2200138023
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spml05 new wpc

new co-extrusion



Suprotect decking is the latest WPC decking produced by modern co-extrusion technology.

Simple speaking, the process is to extrude two materials at the same time and give the boards a natural layered appearance and more protection.
The outer layer can provide multiple colors onto the board surface to create wood-like and colorful finish, and the inner layer can achieve the requirements for mechanical and other physical properties.

Features of suprotect 

New material technology and production engineering are applied to make the outer layer tightly encase the inner layer.
The outer protective layer is four sided surrounding the core materials to give superior protection against oil, acid, water or insect.
Wood fiber and poly materials are selected to make of the inner layer.
The inner layer is crucial to the mechanical properties and duration.



1.Natural appearance: realistic wood grain pattern and rich colors.
2.Oil resistance: normal soap and water washing or a pressure washer is OK for the cleaning.
3.Mildew resistance: outer layer has a compact structure to prevent mildew .
4.Free maintenance: no painting or oiling required. More happy hours at weekends.
5.Long-termed duration: will not rot or splinter. Moreover, 2000 hours UV test would be not a problem for this new material.
6.Totally green to life: no heavy metal elements or harmful substance contained.


Board Size - 2200x138x23mm

Boards per M2 = 3 no.

1) 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, saving forest resources

2) With the look of the natural wood but no timber problems

3) Water resistant, no rotting,proven under saltwater condition

4) Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking, no warping

5) No painting, no glue, low maintenance

6) Weather resistant, suitable from minus 40° C to 60° C

7) Insect and mould resistant

8) Available in different colors

9) Easy to install and clean

The differences between WPC and Wood:
Using propertyHumid stabilityMore stableWill expand after water absorption
Termite resistanceYesNo
UV stabilityHighLow
Acid and alkali resistanceHighLow
Anti-aging sunHighLow
MaintenancePaintingNo NeedYes
Maintenance costNo maintenance, low costHigh cost